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Shuttle & Reed | Animated gifs for social media

Shuttle & Reed make quality lifestyle accessories with nature & Harris Tweed at their heart; supporting traditional local economies. As a core part of their values, they’re striving towards a zero waste production process & packaging that is fully compostable.

  To celebrate the launch of a new series of products & to engage with their customer base, Shuttle & Reed commissioned permeate studios to create a series of animated gifs to share on social media.

We thought the iconic Glen Coe would give the perfect inspiration for the project. With backpacks on & camera in hand we set off on ‘The Two Lairigs’ hike, photographing the stunning scenery as we went.

Back in the studio we combined these photographs with different textures of Harris Tweed used in Shuttle & Reed’s products. The result is a series of beautiful hypnotic kaleidoscopic gifs formed from the natural patterns of the landscape.

permeate studios will continue to work with Shuttle & Reed throughout 2019. See their lovely range of Harris Tweed products at shuttleandreed.co.uk

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