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          Hello. We are a motion design studio based in the Highlands of Scotland

          We share change-making ideas & stories through powerful visual content

          Our distinctive work creates connections, builds relationships & grows audiences

What we can do for you          

- Explainers

A 1-2 minute animation usually for websites, YouTube or Vimeo. A captivating way to concisely communicate an idea or message to your audience. We work with you to develop a tailor-made concept, narrative script & design treatment; delivering a finished video file complete with audio & music.

- Social media support

Short animations for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are becoming increasingly popular to engage & attract crucial followers. We can tap into your existing social media strategy to give it a new dimension or help you develop a new one.

- Branding, logo, identity

A strong visual presence is vital to communicating brand ethos effectively. More and more people are choosing to create their own video content to share online. Why not add an eye-catching animated logo to top & tail your content? Usually around 5-10 seconds long, we can animate your existing logo or help you design one from scratch. We’re self-confessed font geeks!

- Kinetic posters

Do you have an event on the horizon that you’d like to create a buzz about? Instead of a static poster why not bring it to life with animation? Perfect to share on social media & also to show on screens at the actual event.

- Infographics & visualisation

In a world full of stats, sometimes it’s hard know what they actually mean. We can help you organise big data & create easy to understand motion graphics; communicating numbers & info in a clear & memorable way. Perfect for events & presentations to help you stand out from the crowd.

- Innovation

Have you developed an innovative product or service but need help revealing it to the world? We can build interest by telling the behind-the-scenes story. How did you get to this point? What was the process? Why are you doing what you’re doing? Your potential audience loves this type of interaction but when focusing on the end outcome it’s sometimes easy to overlook. The story probably already exists - we can help you find it and tell it through our visual storytelling tools.



Fancy a friendly chat to find out more? Drop us a line & we’ll give you a shout back.


permeate studios
‘The Hatchery’
Horizon Scotland
The Enterprise Park
IV36 2AB

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permeate studios operates from an eco-built, state-of-the-art innovation centre in Moray, Scotland. We’re constantly inspired by the stunning natural environment of the Highlands, the energy of which flows into our digital design work. When we’re not in the studio, we can often be found exploring the nearby Cairngorms national park.


permeate studios is a newly formed studio led by award winning creative director Jonny Charles Harris who has over 15 years experience creating digital visual content for clients around the world.

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To produce the best work possible, permeate studios is designed to be agile & collaborative in its nature. Depending on the creative needs of a project, sometimes all work is crafted in-house in our boutique studio, other times we reach out to our wider network of animators, designers, creators & friends.


In our fast-paced world it’s easy to be swept along...

When the studio was set-up in 2018, we wanted to write down a few things to help us navigate and keep our feet on the ground. By sharing these values we hope people better understand our approach; in turn helping us to cultivate strong creative relationships. We’re definitely not perfect (!) and it isn’t always easy to stay totally on track but we think it’s important to aim high.

We believe that as citizens of the world, we are all interdependent & our collective actions should create benefits for all stakeholders.

As we all share the same planet, this means aspiring to nourish ourselves, society & the natural environment through our activities.

We try to do no harm, use business as a force for good & be the positive change we would like to see in the world.

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