I am told there are people who do not care for maps & I find it hard to believe

| Robert Louis Stevenson |


We Create Visual Story-Maps

We believe maps are more than just a tool to help us navigate - they’re also a powerful way of telling stories that capture our imagination.

Through our unique approach to mapmaking - we specialise in crafting beautiful animated visual story-maps for inspiring organisations & businesses.

Connecting with people & growing audiences.

Who we are

We’re an agile, collaborative visual studio, led-by award winning artist & designer Jonny Charles Harris (connect on Linkedin).

A self-confessed cartophiliac (lover of maps) - over the last decade Jonny has created 100s of animated maps for the likes of National Geographic, BBC & Discovery Channel.

Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell.
We can help you tell yours.



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Wild  Creative Minds

Our cosy eco-insulated studio is nestled in-between the expansive Cairngorm mountains & the golden beaches of the Moray Firth in the Highlands of Scotland - occasionally decamping to other locations for site-specific projects.

We care deeply about our natural environment.

Exploring it refreshes & feeds our creative souls.

- Featured Project -

Fight For Scotland’s Nature

Working with Scottish Environment LINK - we crafted 3 x short-form visual story-maps to support the inspiring campaign for a Scottish Environment Act.
Designed to be shared on social media - they were created using a combination of photography & hand-animated, chemical-free, non-toxic, natural dyes.

- Creative Process -

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